Giới thiệu

Giới thiệu

My Bio

I graduated from Bach Khoa University in HCMC with a major in Electrical – Electronics Engineering in 2004 and completed the Master’s thesis in image processing – face recognition in late 2007. I started working in software development in January 2008. After 12 years of proven experience in various roles as tester, developer, Agile Team leader, I became a full-time Agile coach for a software company. I am strong on Scrum framework, Kanban framework and coaching Agile teams. My inspiration is to get more & more people understand and effectively apply Agile practices, so they can develop a love, passion and willingness to become the next generation of Agile leaders.

Agile Coach journey

My Agile journey has started since 2011 when my company transformed to Agile and I became a leader of a Kanban Team one year later. Before taking the Agile leader role, I was a traditional Team Leader, a technical lead. I developed into a team hero who gave technical supports, asked for progress, manage tasks, and evaluate team members' performances. So it wasn't an easy transformation for me to become an Agile servant leader and took me a lot of time to adapt to the new challenges by continuous learning from books, training courses, communities, and my own failures. After 11 plus years of the Agile leader roles, my best achievement was not from how many certificates I possessed, but with all the experiences & lessons learnt that involved countless individuals and Teams that I had the privilege to work with. Continuing to learn & practice Agile & Scrum values not only strengthens my Agile coach & trainer skill-set, but also helps me become a better person too.

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